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19th February 2011


So pretty much all of you are on my twitter, and a bit ago I mentioned a fight with my father.

Okay, in the divorce agreement, it was stated that the parents would get me every other year as a tax deductible. Father's gotten me past 4 years because mom's too fucking nice. She let him know this year she was taking me.

Cue THEM fighting about how apparently she doesn't deserve to use me since she has no job and he pays so-and-so much per year and where does THAT go, etc.

1) She is a fulltime nursing student and a single mother.
2) He owes us 20 grand in back child support because he never pays.
2.5) That's quite nearly an entire year's worth.
3) Um, he pays that to SUPPORT the CHILD, dumbass.

So I called and bitched, because he's supposed to be putting 100$/month on a credit card for me to pay back what he owes us. This was supposed to start 2 months ago. I haven't got any money from him, either.

D: You don't have to act like this just because your mother's upset!
M: My mother is BEYOND upset, and I'm pretty fucking pissed too.
D: Are you taking a tone with me?
M: Yes, actually, I am.
D: You have no right to speak to me like that!
And he hung up on me.

(ranting about him having been a shitty father. I don't really remember.)
"Why don't I have the right to speak to you like that? Because I'm your daughter? Fuck that shit, you stopped being my father a long time ago."