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C is Having Issues

Sorry for the shit title.

At the beginning of this year, I met T and C. We were all pretty okay friends at first. C left the class she, T and I had together, so we didn't see her except in mornings.  Alexis, who I've been friends with since last year, is also friends with C. (C and T drifted apart a bit.) 

Now, we all knew C's parents sucked ass, for lack of a better term. They are extremely Christian and controlling of C's life, to the point of not even letting her cut her hair.

We know her mom slaps her around, not sure about her dad. Her parents both have a habit of taking her cellphone at random, pulling her call logs, text logs, and keeping it for unknown amounts of time while texting her friends. A while ago, she met a boy named Justin. She was friends with him, then they started unofficially dating- her parents had no idea, even though her father disliked him already.
Before winter break, we found out she cut herself- Alexis noticed she had scars and scabs all down her arms, to the point where she had to hold her jacket down around her hand or you would see. We talked about it. Justin knew, and he asked her to stop. For a while, she did. Then today Alexis texted her. Just the usual "sup". She replied with a picture message of her arm and hand covered in blood. Apparently she and Justin haven't talked in a few weeks, and her mother had her cellphone until today. She said she tried to quit, but couldn't.  

Well, I had already een planning to go see the counselor about changing classes, and I think I should talk to them about this, too. 


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16th Jan, 2011 02:23 (UTC)
D: I think you should, too. *HUGS you, and sends tons of vibes to C*
16th Jan, 2011 02:25 (UTC)
Agreeing with WD. *sends tons of vibes you- and C-wards* *hugs tight*
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