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So pretty much all of you are on my twitter, and a bit ago I mentioned a fight with my father.

Okay, in the divorce agreement, it was stated that the parents would get me every other year as a tax deductible. Father's gotten me past 4 years because mom's too fucking nice. She let him know this year she was taking me.

Cue THEM fighting about how apparently she doesn't deserve to use me since she has no job and he pays so-and-so much per year and where does THAT go, etc.

1) She is a fulltime nursing student and a single mother.
2) He owes us 20 grand in back child support because he never pays.
2.5) That's quite nearly an entire year's worth.
3) Um, he pays that to SUPPORT the CHILD, dumbass.

So I called and bitched, because he's supposed to be putting 100$/month on a credit card for me to pay back what he owes us. This was supposed to start 2 months ago. I haven't got any money from him, either.

D: You don't have to act like this just because your mother's upset!
M: My mother is BEYOND upset, and I'm pretty fucking pissed too.
D: Are you taking a tone with me?
M: Yes, actually, I am.
D: You have no right to speak to me like that!
And he hung up on me.

(ranting about him having been a shitty father. I don't really remember.)
"Why don't I have the right to speak to you like that? Because I'm your daughter? Fuck that shit, you stopped being my father a long time ago."

C is Having Issues

Sorry for the shit title.

At the beginning of this year, I met T and C. We were all pretty okay friends at first. C left the class she, T and I had together, so we didn't see her except in mornings.  Alexis, who I've been friends with since last year, is also friends with C. (C and T drifted apart a bit.) 

Now, we all knew C's parents sucked ass, for lack of a better term. They are extremely Christian and controlling of C's life, to the point of not even letting her cut her hair.
Warning: possible triggers (abuse/depression)Collapse )

Well, I had already een planning to go see the counselor about changing classes, and I think I should talk to them about this, too. 

Because Nothing is Ever That Easy

N's best friend's birthday was today. He'd forgotton until he was about to leave for up here. I'm ridiculously upset.
I mean, for once I like a guy who feels the same way about me. And I haven't seen him in a month.

The universe is evil.

Oh, and school starts Monday. I have one class with two people in it who I know.

I hate high school.

At risk of TMI, ToM started today too. So my life really, really sucks.

So, I Revive This Thing?

Yeah, I haven't posted in pretty much forever.
Well, I'm reaching a place where my head just isn't enough for my thoughts any more, so I'll share them with you, even though most of you probably don't care. Whatever, that's fine with me. I just need to get this out of my head and off my chest. So today, I revive this thing.

Blah blah, [s]vampire emergency[/s] my life, blah...Collapse )

So tomorrow, I go on a Not-Really-But-Could-Unintentionally-Be-a-Date.

I will either:
A) Panic.
B) Make an idiot of myself.
C) Have a decent time, with a decent guy, and act decent.
(In order of likeliness.)

Woo. Depression. FFFUUUUU-

Alan was being all flirty on the bus. I was being loud and outrageous. And now that I'm alone, hello Mr. You-Suck-At-Life-Everything-Is-Your-Fault, fancy seeing you down here!

Two of my best friends hate me. One because I dumped him. One because (after I sent her a message online relating to an ex) her mother found out she was bi because of me. (I sent the message to the friend, not the mother. )

I have no idea if Alan still likes me or not. He has a girlfriend, but was acting like he wanted to kiss me today. (Might HAVE just been an act. ) I thought I didn't like him any more.

Basically, depression or bipolar disorder or whatever the shit it is I have SUCKS ASS.

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Alan asked me if I wanted to go back out yesterday afternoon I said yes. I meant 'i wish I didn't. ' next thoughts were pretty much 'omfg what is wrong with you patheticccc'. =\ I am convinced I do not want myself to be happy.

Read more...Collapse )


So after Alan dumped me two weeks ago...

DRAMACollapse )

The Joys of Insecurity!

So, Alan didn't sit wtih me today on the the bus. When he got off to leave, some girl asked if we broke up. We said no- She replied "Oh, cuz I heard you,"(pointing at Alan) "say not any more." referring to us. Needless to say, WOOOOO INSECURITY FTL. =\

Day = shittastic.


Been watching Criminal Minds as long as it'll let me (72 mins of watching, then a 54 minute break, for the site I'm on) since last night. Yay for Reid-centric episodes :D

But anyway. Going over to Alan's later...  Mmm.

Date w/ Alan

Went over to his house and made out for about 3 hours.
Um. Yeah.

Oh, The Memories

Hahaha! Listening to a bunch of Nelly- Oh Nelly is on repeat. Reminds me of when I used to listen to it with my dad, me bein' the skinny little white girl (I was, like, seven) sitting int he passengers' seat, singing along to all the songs. I still remember most of the words, too. Damn this is nice.

I'm Going to Get Kicked off the Bus

For either PDA or beating up middle-school kids. ;>_> somewhat related. Today I was laying on Alan's lap, with his arms wrapped around me and holding hands, and uh yeah. <_< Oh, or maybe

Please allow me to squee about my first kiss.
Well. First six. Not that I was counting or anything. >_>

Blarg! Do Not Want! (Or... Maybe I Do?)

Thinking about dumping Tyler. I mean, yeah, we're close and all, but it feels weird to be dating him. And no, this is not about Alan. Dunno. Want to dump him. Should I?


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